CICADA is my multi-media world-building project. It is first conceptualized in 2018 and will be built upon indefinitely.

All my writings exist in the same multiverse, the multiverse of CICADA. No matter how loosely they connect.

CICADA-verse includes multiple dimensions and timelines. It includes multiple genres, the most prominent ones are Portal Fantasy, Space Opera, and modern-day Sci-Fantasy.

Works included in the CICADA-verse


The Clepsydra Series, which includes one novel so far: Bright Decay.
The world of Clepsydra is a superhero world in the year 2020. Magic is non-existent, and the aliens that grant superpowers are dead.
CICADA operates in the classified shadow side of IFA (International Fortification Alliance). In this universe, IFA acts in a UN-like way and represents the authority on uncommon human matters.

Cage the Magicians

Cage the Magicians is a standalone novel. It is set in a portal fantasy world. Two worlds exist parallel to each other: the magical Arthornia, and the Mundane, where magicians practice in secret.
The mundane year is 2042. The Arthornian year is 5785, Drachasel Dynasty Calendar.”

The World of CICADA

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Okay, So what actually is CICADA?
CICADA is a cross-dimensional and interdisciplinary organization. Its main goal is the protection of humanity across timelines and alternative realities.

The agency employs numerous agents for different assignments. The task may range from time-traveling to assassinate a target, to the research to cure a deadly plague.

Short Stories

Short stories set in the C.I.C.A.D.A. universe are standalone and can be read in any order, though some may be interconnected. Beware they are also tonally different. The world of CICADA is a mix of bleakness and dark humor. I’d say it’s part of the charm.

Divine Intervention

Agent Kyan is assigned the mission to impersonate an alien goddess.

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Glass Marbles

Doctor Calypso faces a troubled patient on a warring planet.

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My Roommate Wants to Kill Me

A series of diary entries, written by an alien college student fearing for their life.

Featuring a young Agent Sandhill

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